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DancOvation is an inter-college group dance competition. In this each team is expected to incorporate some kind of creativity in their performance. It can be creativity of any kind. The teams need to creatively depict it. The top two teams will be given prizes.

Prizes worth Rs.17000 to be won.

This is an inter college group dance competition.
  • Only one team is allowed from each college.
  • There will be marks awarded for the most innovative name if it is also reflected in their performance.
  • Each team will have to perform for a minimum of 9 minutes and can stretch up to 7 minutes.
  • Minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 15 members per team.
  • At a time, only 12 people at maximum can be on stage.
  • The theme of the event is 'Creativity' ; there will be considerable weightage for incorporating the theme into the performance.
  • We are interested to see your take on creativity. It can be creativity of any kind. Show us how creatively you can depict it.
  • Important Guidelines:

    The following are the parameters on which the teams would be judged –

    1. Expressions and energy

    2. Coordination among the team members

    3. Stage coverage & formations

    4. Justification of the team name in the performance

    5. Diversity portrayed in the performance

    6. Adherence to the time limits

The teams have to present their dance performance before the jury and the audience. The best two teams will be awarded a cash prize.

Registration starts on 18/09/2016
Registration closes 08/10/2016

Performance 22/10/2016
Declaration of results 22/10/2016

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In case of any queries, please contact -
  • Megha Kanchan : +91 9205136173
  • Samyak Kala : +91 8586817722
  • Shobhit Jain : +91 9599109414