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The fashion parade of IMI, New Delhi - Flamboyance, is organized on the evening of Day 2 of Kritva. It is an exclusive showcase of beauty and talent. Teams from across various B-schools participate in the event with alluring attires, the charming aura and unprecedented themes. It is an ensemble of creative ideas along with glamour and talent. Students will wow capacity crowds with kaleidoscopic garment designs as more Colors, more Glamour and more Jaw dropping models take centre stage in what is flagged as truly unmissable!

The beautiful ladies and the handsome hunks grace the stage representing their colleges. The participants shall be judged on the basis of their innovation, props used, make-up and styling. The winners receive exciting prizes.
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IPL Bidding is a real time simulation for all the cricket lovers wherein the teams witness and experience the brains behind the rich IPL budding process in order to outbid each other for the best players and franchises. The game is based on the actual IPL bidding format and gives the teams a sense of fast-paced, highly dynamic environment that exists in the real bidding scenario. It aims to judge the prudence and intuition of the participants, and the skill with which they are able to analyze the cricketing world. First round is held as an online event where a large number of teams from different B-Schools actively participate. Top teams are shortlisted for the on campus round. Participants from top institutes across India came down to campus to participate in a three-hour long enthralling event. The teams need to be proactive and competitive in bidding for their favourite players. Managing their own budget and at the same time keeping an eye on other teams. A fast flowing and competitive atmosphere is bound to be created in the final round of the bidding. Attractive cash prizes await the winning teams.
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Where new talents are discovered and appreciated. A festival as diverse as Kritva would be thoroughly incomplete without the crazy battle that bands fight to win the coveted title of the most rocking band! Last year Bands from various colleges came and share their tunes and people thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours that witnessed bands performing in different genres like Sufi, rock, heavy metal, classic rock, etc. We hope to see same level of enthusiasm and zeal this year as well.

Come and experience the taste of music with the adrenaline rush that flows when the guitar hits the distortion! Celebrate Music and let thousands of music lovers shout out. For more of the foot tapping numbers played in the battle field, that sees none but the best of the warriors. IMI KRITVA '16 presents Rock Band Competition "Battle of Bands" with the level of enthusiasm and zeal that surpasses the past every year.

The bands shall be judged on the parameters such as Quality of Vocal and Instrument, Enthusiasm Level and Crowd Impact. Best bands will be awarded exciting prizes.
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Taking place over two days, Lanthrash is the biggest gaming event at Kritva'16. It is a place for gamers of all backgrounds to gather and have videogame-related fun. It's all of the social enjoyment of gaming as a hobby in a live environment; a weekend's worth of gaming action suitable for gamers both casual and hardcore. Lanthrash features competitive tournaments for a variety of popular console games including FIFA and many more. Not just casual gaming, the event involves strategic thinking and is an apt platform for team building and coordination, adding a whole new meaning to 'Kritva'- to do together.
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Rangmanch - an inter college street play competition - a bridge between Audience and artist, is one of the earliest form of communication and is deeply rooted in the Indian tradition. It offers you an opportunity to break away from preaching and instead presenting ideas in a satirical, humorous and a hard hitting manner. It aims at spreading the magic of street theater to a larger audience every year.
Rangmanch is not just another inter college street play competition, but an amalgamation of social views expressed in a never seen before avatar. In this, each team is expected to prepare a play of maximum 15 minutes.

All the teams that register have to send a soft copy of their scripts. The scripts will be judged on the basis of the theme. Shortlisted teams shall be invited to IMI, New Delhi campus to perform in the final round.

The shortlisted teams have to present their play before the jury and the audience. The best two teams will be given prizes.
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Aalap - an inter college singing competition. Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything - Plato

Do you think that you are Arijit Singh or Shreya Ghoshal of your college?

Aalap provides you the opportunity to pit your singing prowess against that of your contemporaries and fight it out for the prize and fame. Everyone is welcome to showcase their talent. It's your one chance and the stakes are high.

The preliminary shortlisting round shall take place online where the participants have to send the video entries of their performances. The shortlisted teams shall be invited to IMI, New Delhi where they will perform in the final round.
The performances can be either solo or duet but all would be judged on common parameters. The best singers or teams would be given prizes.
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DancOvation - DancOvation is an inter-college group dance competition.

Dance is the expression of joy; it is the hidden language of the soul. A high-on-energy event that invites teams from all over the country to perform and win exciting prizes at DancOvation. Each team is expected to incorporate some kind of creativity in their performance. It may be creativity of any kind and the teams need to creatively depict it.

The teams have to present their dance performance before the jury and the audience. The teams would be judged on expressions and energy, coordination among the team members, stage coverage, formations, justification of the team name in the performance, creativity portrayed in the performance and adherence to the time limits. The top teams will be awarded exciting prizes for their enthralling performances.
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"You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life."

Run for a Cause!

Sangam is the congregation of people around various colleges coming together to find motivation, inspiration and approval in dedicating their personal race to a greater cause. It is a platform for passionate individuals to spread awareness and raise funds for meaningful causes. Jagriti - The social cell of IMI along with the Sports club, IMI will associate with an NGO to conduct a mini-marathon involving participation from IMI community, NGO volunteers and students of other institutes wherein the marathon will inspire the participants for running and give them a sense of satisfaction of contributing towards a significant cause. This event aims at transforming a sport that is individual in nature into a phenomenon with a wide- reaching, positive effect on society."
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Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you!

Welcome to the arena where all things move at a breakneck pace. With twists and turns at each level, this game is not for the faint-hearted.

WillOcity tests the limits of every team's will, skill and the ability to stay chill. Each team will consist of 3 members who will go through different levels of the game in a bid to emerge as the ultimate champions. The rounds will challenge the knowledge, presence of mind, physical endurance and coordination of the participants. Above all, the love for sports will help you conquer through!

The preliminary screening will be on the basis of an on the spot quiz which will test both how well you know about the world of sports and how fast you are.

Teams which qualify for the subsequent rounds will have to complete a circuit involving gruelling tasks which will challenge participants and push them to their limits. With each pitstop teams will have to up their game in this race to victory.

But remember, if you think everything is under control, then you aren't going fast enough!!

Think out of the box. Prepare to be challenged. Expect the unexpected. Bring your A game.

May the best team win!

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Leave your worries behind, its party night... The three days of Kritva are filled with revelry, fun, jollity and rejuvenation. The Star Night assures a fabulous end to a grand festival. Performances enthrall the crowd with the dance moves and incredibly melodious voice. It is one of the most enjoyable events with a lot of candid moments with Star. Witness a sense of excitement and joy among the students as the amphitheater will be filled with people eagerly waiting for the Stars to perform. Please join us for a night of music, celebrating Kritva'16 at IMI Delhi. It is not an event - it is an experience!

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