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The life of a manager is no less than a maze. He faces different problems each day, going through different tasks that not only challenges his skills but demands a 360 overview of his knowledge. He has to be a problem solver and his best chance of succeeding is by expanding his knowledge in various domains.

A game that will test all your managerial skills and bring out the real you! The game extends over two days and the teams would be put under test in various domains. The Evaluation will be on the basis of your knowledge in each domain and the team that comes out to be the most versatile wins a chance to be the master.

So get a chance to play the best amongst the best.

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-Not all the treasure is silver and gold

In the warmth on an indoor fire, you shall find the Treasure you Desire. "If you seek then you will find, Gifts the fairies have left behind. Find one of each for you to keep, Watch out for the pixies you may meet" Win the online combat to reach the battlefield. The battlefield is where the action is. Prepare yourself, for each clue shall unveil a deeper mystery, and only the wisest shall prevail. Use your knowledge and skills to march ahead and seek the treasure that awaits you. Sharpen your intellect, use your skills, solve the clues and win your will.
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"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite; it's starting point." The Economics Club of IMI presents "Arthneeti", a strategy event. Learning is experience because everything else is just the information. This is an actual test of cognizance, being prudent and vision to plan ahead. So be wise while you strategize because success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. Come one, come all. It's Time to prove your mettle and unravel the potential in you. We clarify, amplify and glorify the game; you prove, win and claim the fame.
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The Entrepreneurship Cell, International Management Institute, New Delhi, presents to you its first ever national platform for entrepreneurs, during Kritva 2016, 'Pitch Please'. Today everyone wants to be his/her own boss. But lack of proper support and knowledge are the limiting factors and unfortunately many ideas never see the light of day and simply remain as ideas. The Entrepreneurship Cell wants to be the bridge between these ideas and their realization. The event is aimed to help those who have a prospective business idea in mind and need a platform to showcase it to the world. The event is open to the IMI student fraternity and students from other colleges as well.
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Globus Feneratus is an online stock simulation game that provides participants with an opportunity to invest virtual money in the stock market to build up their portfolio. It tests their abilities to trade across the globe, travelling virtually from cities to countries and then to continents to gain experience of the current investments and economic scenario of the world markets. It aims to unleash the analyst and leverage the moneymaker in you.

The contestants are thrust into the investor's world where each investment could make or break the bank. Dynamic situations arise wherein players get to see stocks crash in minutes, which tests the player's ability to regain his composure and reclaim the pole position. The phrase "time is money" literally plays out in the bidding room where a moment of hesitation could cause a player to miss out on a promising stock. Fortunes will be made and the brave will be rewarded. At the end, one team will remain standing, one team to rule them all.

The initial round of this event is an online quiz which tests your basic financial knowledge after which the top teams from the various colleges are invited on the campus to participate in the main round which is the simulation round. The winning team is then declared on the basis of the highest portfolio size. This event is great success and is highly admired by the students of top business schools across the country.
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Fincharade promises to deliver- Finance with Fun . The initial round is based on the concept of “Taboo” as team members have to use their wits to try and figure out how to communicate without using the forbidden words. Teams have to keep track of time as well as ponder up on innovative ways to make their partner guess the words. Incentives shall be provided in the form of assigning marks for guessing the difficult words.
After initial bouts of struggle, teams would be getting their act right and increase the level of competition. The teams then get to know their scores and standings, after which they come up with fresh strategies to compete in second round. Round 2 comes as a pleasant surprise to all the teams as it is a 'Pictorial' round. The teams now have to make their partners guess the word by presenting it in the pictorial format without using letters or actions. This part comes as a challenge because it escalates the pressure and it becomes difficult to maintain the performance in the limited time slot. The active audience plays an important role by supporting and encouraging the teams to innovate different ways to communicate. Eventually, after a fierce contest, battle of wits, a lucky team emerges out with flying colors and is given the coveted title of "Awwal Number".

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Ranneeti 2016 is an online interactive event which mandates participants to strategize warfare. Tear apart the battlefield with your own warfare strategy in the quest of Avatar, and be the supreme ruler. Keep in mind the limited resources at your disposal whilst choosing your warriors wisely and tactfully creating your own army. Once done, you are ready to plunge into the battlefield. Every round comes with a vow to engross and entice you even more. With the sheer uncertainty of the situations, the ever-brewing energy and twists lurking around every corner, Ranneeti is sure to catch you off guard and blow your mind.

Complete stimulation of the mind on every level during the various rounds is our solemn promise to you. Not only does it give you a platform to show off your mettle, but it also acts as a laudable learning strategy. It is sure to be a deliberate practice opportunity for all. So come forward and grab a chance to stand out, rack your brains and win the ultimate battle amongst the best!

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The Consulting and Strategy club at IMI, New Delhi brings to you Constratio, a strategy case study competition where the participants will act as consultants to a company, they have to read & analyze a real time situation faced and devise a strategy which is best suited for the company to adopt and walk their way out complexities.

Being in a B school is not about learning theories, mugging up formulae and writing them plainly in the exam papers to score brilliant marks. That phase is long gone. The key to success here is innovation. Understanding and analyzing different real time situations or real world scenarios and coming up with solutions which integrate the theories and concepts learnt in textbooks with their practical implementations is what is expected out of an aspiring manager.

So, if you feel that you have an innovative mind and you believe that your strategy will work the best against the strategies developed by some of the best minds from various B schools across the nation, be there at Constratio.
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I am not a product of my circumstances. I am product of my decisions.
The time has come to wear your thinking caps and stimulate your social instincts!!!

Samadhan is an inter-college case-study competition which aims to take the participants through a real-time crisis faced by an organisation and requires them to design the most compelling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy which will be useful for the company to tackle the given issue. This is an effort to encourage socially-involved future members of big corporates to emerge with refreshing and innovative ideas addressing a contemporary issue while keeping in mind the relevance, feasibility and social impact of the solution. Also, the competition shall be open to students of all departments of the participating colleges.
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Heard about the supreme art of war to subdue the enemy without fighting?

Get your swords out of your sheaths, sharpen your blades, and prepare your armour. The battle lines have been drawn, it's a game of strategy and courage, valour and spirit, brutality and grace. Trust your instincts and take a leap of faith.

Welcome to Excalibur, your battleground, to show the world that you are the real champion.

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The HR CLUB of International Management Institute is back with its much awaited annual event! We proudly present to you Gladius 2016 which comprises 3 rounds out of which the first battle to be won is the online quiz, "Qriosity" that shall make you eligible to go further and conquer newer territories. Following this is the second round "Hire! If you can?" the four words with endless possibilities, testing your creative prowess! Finally, the last round held on campus shall put your grey cells to work and play mind games in a simulation.

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Brandaccio, brought to you by "The Marketing Club" as a part of Kritva - the Annual Cultural festival of IMI-Delhi, is a two stage event, which gives you a chance to become an innovator and test your skills as a marketer in a live simulation environment. We welcome you to come and show the world your skills.
Come join us and start your voyage in the sea of marketing!

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Hello everyone!
We, The Last Word at The Literary Society, International Management Institute, New Delhi present to you 'Expressions- A face beneath, or above!'
Expressions is a two-stage impersonation story completion competition, where you put on some masks and wear few others off to suit your words of the story.
It's where you begin to be beyond the person you are and narrate a story on a given outline.
Where you hesitate, you break! and the other person takes over to complete the story. Your expressions are a paint to your words! Through story-lines that complement your personality, we'd test your spontaneity and ease with which you can play with words.
We, The Last Word, at IMI New Delhi invite you, the bright folk of the B-School fraternity, to impersonate the stories inside you. Click Here for more information

Brace yourselves as we present to you "Quiz Inc"!

As an event for Kritva, Quiz Inc will see participation from the corporate world! You are about to witness one of the most intriguing corporate duel, as participants 'up the game' with their level of industry expertise and knowledge. Buzzer rounds, extra points - the timer is already set!

And our quizmaster can't wait to get the questions rolling, while we can't wait to see the scores zipping! The competition will be intense, and so will the challenge!

A multi round game, Quiz Inc will see each round bring in more questions, more excitement and more fun.

It will be a platform not only for a challenge, but also for exchange of knowledge. This game will engage not only participants but also the audience in sharing and learning information as participants will race against time to keep their scores up!

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"Torture the data, and it will confess to anything."

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. In a panic stricken situation, only your intelligence can make the difference between annihilation and survival. Data intelligence is the sole tool to counter terrorism that has befallen the city. This is a real test of pragmatism and being intellectual while keeping your nerves. So be wise while you make decisions because the life of the city is in your hands. It's time to prove your mettle and unravel the potential in you. Play wisely with your data. But... make it fast before it blasts!

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