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We, The Last Word, IMI New Delhi present to you 'Expressions -A face beneath, or above!'

Expressions is a two-stage impersonation story completion competition, where you put on some masks and wear few others off to suit your words of the story.

It’s where you begin to be beyond the person you are and narrate a story on a given outline. Where you hesitate, you break! And the other person takes over to complete the story.

Your Expressions are the paint to your words! Through story-lines that complement your personality, we'd test your spontaneity and ease with which you play with words.

We, The Last Word, IMI New Delhi invite you, the bright folk of B-School fraternity, to impersonate the story inside you.

Prizes Worth INR 25000 to be won

  • It will be a team event.
  • Each team consists of two members.
  • Multiple participants are allowed from a college.
  • However, one person cannot be part of more than one team.
  • First round will be an online elimination round.
  • The qualifying participants (through the online round) will be invited to the campus for the on-stage round
  • The on-stage round will be an impersonation story completion competition.

    Online elimination round - Quiz

  • The online elimination round will be the first stage of Expression'16.
  • On the day of the quiz, a link will be sent to each team and they will be required to answer the given questions in a stipulated time frame.
  • The judging criteria for this round will be:
    1. Content of answers
    2. Innovativeness of Ideas
    3. Command over language
  • Out of all the entries received, the best eight entries will be chosen and invited to come to the IMI, New Delhi campus for participating  in the on-stage round of Expressions'16.

    On-stage phase

  • As mentioned earlier, it will be an impersonation story completion competition.
  • Each round will consist of two teams going head-to-head and the competing participants will each be given a chance to complete the story (assuming the personality that will be specified by the judges). If any participant pauses for more than 5 seconds, their opponent will be given a chance to complete the story (assuming a different personality, again specified by the judges).
  • The competition will have three rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.
  • Each round will be a knockout round i.e. if a team loses; they are out of the tournament.
  • The detailed format of the event will be explained on the day of the event. (This includes order of speaking, personality to be assumed and basic topic for story)
  • The judging criteria will be:
    1. Presentation and Body language
    2. Content of story
    3. Ability to maintain the impersonation
    4. Command over language
    5. Fluency

Round I

Registration starts on 18/09/2016
Registration closes 02/10/2016
Online Quiz 03/10/2016
Online Quiz results 07/10/2016

Round II

On campus round 22/10/2016

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  • JENNIFER SHAH - +91-9903654308
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