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Be it taking a pinpoint sniper headshot on an unsuspecting terrorist, or curving a free kick into the top corner, or racing to first position in the last half mile, the world of video gaming never ceases to amaze and entertain us. LANTHRASH is a Lan based gaming competition of Kritva'16, aimed at providing a platform to showcase strength, fortitude and skills in the world of gaming and conquer the arena!

Based on Lan gaming, there will be 2 games played in this event: Counter Strike and FIFA.

Worth Rs. 20,000


  • No participant can be a part of more than one team.
  • Teams who do not adhere to the rules and regulations can be disqualified at any phase of the event.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the Organizing Committee will be final and binding

The event will consist of two games:

GAME 1: Counter Strike

  • Every team will have 5 members.
  • Match format: Race to 8 (Initial rounds of tournament), Race to 12 (semifinals onwards).
  • Team that kills all the members of the opposition team wins the round.
  • If Terrorists successfully bomb a base, then they win the round.
  • If bomb is successfully diffused, then Counter terrorists win the round.
  • In case of a draw extra rounds will be played until the winner is determined.


  • Competition Method: 1 vs. 1
  • Game Mode: International / Club teams
  • In the event of a draw at the end of regular time, extra time will be provided and if there is still a tie break, penalty will be the decider.
  • Should a disconnection occur: A referee will confirm the exact score to that point, and restart the match
  • In any case, a goal scored due to the use of a "forbidden move" shall be disallowed.
  • At the end of each match, players must maintain the final screens and receive the score confirmation from referee.
    • Game Mode: Classic
    • Half Length: 6 minutes
    • Game Speed: Normal

All the above points are subject to change in case of adverse situation. Please check the Kritva'16 Facebook page regularly for any minor/major change to the above rules or any updates. Participants are advised to be active on the page for regular updates. They are also free to call the organizers for their queries.

Registration begins September 18, 2016
Registration closes October 20, 2016
Round in campus October 21-22, 2016

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In case of any queries, please contact -
  • Deepanshu Sindhi : 8699273797
  • Prashast Ranjan : 9943395561
  • Aadhar Gupta : 9650581588
  • Prateek Pandey : 9911048501