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The Entrepreneurship Cell, International Management Institute, New Delhi, presents to you its first ever national platform for entrepreneurs, during Kritva 2016, 'Pitch Please'. Today everyone wants to be his/her own boss. But lack of proper support and knowledge are the limiting factors and unfortunately many ideas never see the light of day and simply remain as ideas. The Entrepreneurship Cell wants to be the bridge between these ideas and their realization. The event is aimed to help those who have a prospective business idea in mind and need a platform to showcase it to the world. The event is open to the IMI student fraternity and students from other colleges as well.

Total prizes worth INR 50,000

  • Maximum number of participants in the team shall be 4.
  • All group member names & contact details should be mentioned, failing which your team registration would be incomplete.
  • Any number of students can participate from a particular college - No maximum limit.
  • The Executive summary should be sent in Calibri (font style), font size - 12. The summary should not exceed 800 words.
  • The headings and sub-headings should be in bold and 14 (size) - Calibri (font).
  • Elevator Pitch video should not be of more than 60 seconds.
  • The summaries will be evaluated on certain parameters which are but not limited to originality, feasibility, economic viability etc.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

The event consists of 2 rounds, the first being an online round followed by the teams/ individuals showcasing their proposed business ideas in front of our esteemed panelists.

    Round I

Participants have to submit one elevator pitch video of 60 seconds and an executive summary of their business ideas which will be evaluated, by IMI Faculty members and industrial experts, on parameters like originality, feasibility, economic viability etc. Please send your entries to

    Round II:

Teams/ individuals will have to come to IMI, New Delhi to present their business ideas in front of industry experts and IMI Faculty members. The teams/individuals will have to prepare physical models/charts depicting their business idea and its feasibility in the current economic scenario. The panelists will further scrutinize the proposed idea on the basis of their Business Model, Customer Development Model and Financial Model. The top 2 teams/individuals will be given prizes worth and the best business idea might also attract an investment from one of our judges.

Round I

Registration starts on 18th September,2016
Registration closes 02nd October,2016
Last date to send idea summaries: 07th October, 2016

Round II

Round II will be conducted on campus. 23rd October, 2016

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In case of any queries, please contact -
  • GAURAV GOYAL +91-9173377010
  • RISHABH SINGLA +91-9417579733