Management Events - Treasure-O-Mania

- Not all the treasure is silver and gold
In the warmth on an indoor fire, you shall find the Treasure you Desire.
"If you seek then you will find, Gifts the fairies have left behind.
Find one of each for you to keep, Watch out for the pixies you may meet" Win the online combat to reach the battlefield. The battlefield is where the action is. Prepare yourself, for each clue shall unveil a deeper mystery, and only the wisest shall prevail. Use your knowledge and skills to march ahead and seek the treasure that awaits you. Sharpen your intellect, use your skills, solve the clues and win you will.

Prizes worth Rs. 30000 to be won.

  • Teams of two members need to be formed.
  • Multiple teams can register from each participating college.
  • All the participants in a particular team must belong to the same institute.
  • A student cannot be part of more than one team.

    Terms & Conditions

  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with organizing committee of the Economics Club, International Management Institute New Delhi.
  • There could be minor changes in the events. All participants would be communicated accordingly about any such happenings. However, such minor changes would not alter the format and structure of the event as a whole.


  • A PDF file will be sent to all participants with questions to be answered within a time frame.
  • A link to a Google form will be sent, along with the PDF file, in which the answers are to be selected or written.
  • This is an elimination round and only top 10 teams would proceed to the next round.
  • Further details, if required, would be communicated timely.


  • The top 10 teams selected from the online elimination round will participate in this round.
  • This will strictly be an on-campus round and the selected participants would be required to come to IMI, New Delhi to participate in this round.
  • The round will be a strategy round and would require the participants to make strategic decisions in order to accumulate maximum points.
  • There will be no elimination in this round and all participants would proceed to the next round. However, the points obtained by the participants in this round would carry weight in the final score to decide the winner.
  • Further details, if required, would be communicated timely.


  • This would be a treasure hunt.
  • All teams would be given clues to identify further clue pieces to a particular treasure.
  • The team that finds the treasure first would win the round.
  • Further details, if required, would be communicated timely.


  • The results would be declared within a week after the entire event is completed.
  • The results would be final and binding.
  • The methodology for arriving at the final scores would not be declared.

  • Round I

    Round 1
    Round 2

    On campus round: 22/10/2016

    Registration starts on 18/09/2016
    Registration closes 06/10/2016

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    In case of any queries, please contact -
    • Himanshu Sumbria : 9952070072
    • Abhinav Pahwa : 9673469912
    • Aanchal Singhania : 9958948687